DIY – Spring Wreath

Since the first day of spring is upon us, I needed to change up my wreath. One of my favorite things to do is to make wreaths. They are super easy and you can do it without any hot glue or staples or tape. My first one was for fall and this is what it looked like:


Then I made one for winter…which was not as exciting. I just took a glittery ‘S’ ornament and tucked some of our Christmas tree in there.


For spring, I got my inspiration on Pinterest from this picture here:


The link, however, takes you to someone’s old Etsy shop where they are no longer making them. SO here’s how I recreated it!

DIY Spring Wreath


2 bunches of faux hydrangea flowers – 1 white, 1 purple (I got mine at Joann – 50% off!)

1 stick wreath frame (I like these because you don’t have to cover the whole thing.)

Scissors OR wire cutters

image image

Begin by taking the individual flowers and cutting the fake stem. NOTE: it’s best to use a wire cutting if you want to cut through the whole thing. If you don’t have a wire cutter – no worries, I don’t either – you can cut the plastic covering with scissors to the wire and then just bend the wire back and forth until it breaks.


Next, stick the individual stems through the wreath frame, arranging the flowers as you wish.


Last, bend the stems into the wreath frame so they don’t poke out.


And then, you’re done!


Note: Joann and Michael’s have coupons everywhere – always take advantage of these!


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