Food For Two

One of the biggest challenges after getting married is grocery shopping. I have figured out a few things that last several months.

1. Bread products spoil.

2. Vegetables spoil.

3. Fruits spoil.

4. Pretty much everything spoils before we can eat it.

Joel and I don’t spend a whole lot of time eating at home. We are often with friends or family and can last nearly 3 weeks before going grocery shopping. So I’ve learned a few tricks to make food last:

1. The FREEZER is my best friend. Anything I can buy frozen or cook and freeze will give me the most flexibility.  Since a lot of food is sold for more than 2 people, you can cook food then stick it in the freezer to use later. We freeze our bread because we can’t go through it fast enough before it molds.  By freezing it (vs. refrigerating it), it will keep the soft texture when it defrosts which is awesome.

2. Dry goods. These things are great to keep handy. Minute Rice or quinoa is a great side to any dish – plus there are a lot of fun recipes on Pinterest!

3. Canned/Jarred food –  I don’t buy a lot of canned goods but there are some nice things to have on handy – tomato sauce, beans, jars of spaghetti sauce, vegetable broth, etc. (I have great recipes with these items I will share later).

Grocery shopping and keeping a full pantry can be very frustrating at first. It took a lot of adjustment to figure out what we eat, what we don’t eat, what we go through quickly and what we go through slowly.

I would love to hear some other advice on food for two! Leave your advice in a comment! 🙂


One thought on “Food For Two

  1. have a baby! cooking for three is much easier! :)….. only advice is plan a menu each week with the days that you know you will be out, scheduled in. Force yourselves to eat at home at lease 3 times a week.You will use the groceries for sure!

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