Remain Present

Life can be overwhelming. It seems the biggest struggles I’ve faced this passed year-ish have been 1.) Living in the present and 2.) Not worrying about the future. I think this season more than ever I’ve been constantly bombarded with worry and fear about what’s to come. Literally, Joel and I could move at any moment; moving for a job seems like best decision to reach our long term goals. And at any day, a job could be posted, Joel could have any interview, receive a job, and we could move.

We would be sad to move. We’ve put down roots here. We have jobs and friends. We enjoy the Northwest and all it’s beauty. We enjoy the city of Portland and all it’s unique features.

And while we enjoy these things, my heart lingers in an unsettled posture not sure of what to feel or to think, paralyzed by what tomorrow, or even this afternoon, could bring.

But I have to press through the unsettledness and remain present. Tomorrow? Who knows what will happen?! Today, I’m here. Today has a purpose that I don’t want to miss out on.


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