DIY – Painting Chairs

Back in October, Joel and I bought six chairs from a discount store called GTM. They were navy but they were so dark, they almost looked black. They were so inexpensive that I though I could just paint them.

IMG_1703 IMG_1704

It took me until last month to actually complete this project. Before getting started, I did a ton of research. I went to several sites including these:

Here’s how I did it!



I used this deglosser from Home Depot so then I didn’t have to sand:


After the deglosser:


Then I used a spray paint to prime the chairs:


I’m going to pause here to discuss paint color. I kept going back and forth on whether I was going to spray paint or hand paint. Part of me was up for the hand painting. I’m not very artsy so I don’t get to do that much and the idea of painting something by hand seemed relaxing. Well, I was looking for a specific color. I thought I had found it in a spray paint…so, after priming my chairs, I just went for it:

IMG_2246 IMG_2245

BAHHH!!! This color was so BRIGHT! It was like the highlighter version of the chair I envisioned. Needless to say, I repainted it. SO if you mess up, if you choose the wrong color, DO NOT FEAR! It can be fixed!


I got samples of very similar colors and brought them home next to my dining table and then chose! It was not, however, an easy process. Choosing a paint color, whether it’s for a piece of furniture or a room, can make you feel like you’re losing your mind.

Here’s a final picture of how the chairs ended up:

IMG_2249 IMG_2498

I am really pleased with they way they turned out.  They aren’t as harsh as the dark chairs which I love! Things I learned about painting furniture:

  • Prep work is important. Do research.
  • Don’t spray paint while the wind is blowing!! It causes the paint to dry mid air and dry in little balls on your furniture.
  • Spray paint goes on way easier and way faster than hand painting.
  • Let the paint dry for as long as you can before using it…like days or a week if you can.
  • Don’t be afraid of ugly, thrift store, discounted furniture. Imagine what it could look like with a fresh coat of paint!

Buying a New Couch

I have been wanting to buy a new couch since, well…Joel and I got married.  His parents graciously have let us use a couch that was sitting in his cousin’s garage. But, as great as that is, I’ve been looking for something new. I feel like it is the hardest thing ever especially because Joel and I don’t have $2,000 to spend on a new couch. The budget is possible but it just takes a LOT of searching.

My idea of the perfect couch has made quite the progression. First, I wanted something like this guy here:

This, however, was out of our budget SO I have been searching (what feels like) the entire internet for something similar.

That’s when I found this guy:

Better price, a similar shape…but NOW I want something that LOOKS comfortable. I’m not entirely sure what that looks like but here are some ideas…

Maybe one of these days, we will actually purchase a new couch but until then I will scour the internet for options!

Here are some things I have learned about couch buying thus far:

  1. Colors are not always as depicted online. For instance, I saw this one sofa in this yellowy color – it looked mustard – and I thought, “Hey, that could be cool.” I went to the store and I wanted to rip my eyeballs out because it was kinda green and disgusting and NOTHING like the picture.
  2. Always SIT on the sofas! I kept looking at some of my favorite online sites (like Joss and Main) thinking I might be able to find a sofa. But after going to sit on a few that I saw online, I learned not all sofas are comfortable!
  3. It’s important to see the fabric in person. There was another sofa I saw online that I wanted to look at in person. When I did, the fabric was stripy and weird, and not nearly as soft as I wanted the fabric to be.
  4. Ask about warranties or return policies. What happens if the frame breaks? Or the fabric tears? Or something mysteriously goes wrong?
  5. Hidden fees! Some places have their sofas on location in the stock room and you can carry them out of the store. Other places require you to pay a delivery fee because they are having the items shipped down from a warehouse outside of the store. *This is not really a hidden fee BUT rather something you want to be aware of when purchasing a couch.

I would love to see your favorite couch – if you’d like, post a picture of or link to your dream couch in the comments section!

DIY – Spring Wreath

Since the first day of spring is upon us, I needed to change up my wreath. One of my favorite things to do is to make wreaths. They are super easy and you can do it without any hot glue or staples or tape. My first one was for fall and this is what it looked like:


Then I made one for winter…which was not as exciting. I just took a glittery ‘S’ ornament and tucked some of our Christmas tree in there.


For spring, I got my inspiration on Pinterest from this picture here:


The link, however, takes you to someone’s old Etsy shop where they are no longer making them. SO here’s how I recreated it!

DIY Spring Wreath


2 bunches of faux hydrangea flowers – 1 white, 1 purple (I got mine at Joann – 50% off!)

1 stick wreath frame (I like these because you don’t have to cover the whole thing.)

Scissors OR wire cutters

image image

Begin by taking the individual flowers and cutting the fake stem. NOTE: it’s best to use a wire cutting if you want to cut through the whole thing. If you don’t have a wire cutter – no worries, I don’t either – you can cut the plastic covering with scissors to the wire and then just bend the wire back and forth until it breaks.


Next, stick the individual stems through the wreath frame, arranging the flowers as you wish.


Last, bend the stems into the wreath frame so they don’t poke out.


And then, you’re done!


Note: Joann and Michael’s have coupons everywhere – always take advantage of these!