Month One

We’ve officially been in our apartment for one whole month which means one whole MONTH in Oregon! That seems crazy. It’s been one month since we’ve seen our family and our friends (except for Eric). It’s been one month since I’ve hugged my mom or gone shopping with my sister. Since we played with our nieces and nephews or squished their little cheeks with kisses. And while I try not to get too emotional about it – it’s sad. I miss them. And I count the days to see them again (34).

And as much as I’m sad, I can also begin to see purpose to being here. Joel and I are enjoying a lot more time together. We are focusing a lot more on our relationship, relying on each other’s friendship, depending on one another’s company. We have explored, adventured, and gotten lost. We are becoming more of a we.

My Aunt, Uncle and cousins have been overwhelmingly generous in our transition. They have been people we can rely on, trust, and hang out with regularly – even if it’s to watch the Bachelorette which is quickly becoming a Monday night ritual. I am thankful for them.

We desire to be more connected. As we try to settle into our new surroundings, we also want to meet friends and find somewhere to use our talents. It would feel lame if we left this place and no one knew we were here! As we jump into the next few months, pray for us to find that connection.



Wow, so I am really bad at big announcements…sooooo….here we go. We’re moving! Joel and I are going to move to Beaverton, OR! And WE ARE SO EXCITED!

We first had a conversation about the sense of adventure in our lives. Both growing up in San Diego, we started to feel like we hadn’t experienced much in our lives.

For me, I grew up going to every school that was close to my house. That was not the way I had intended for it to be. I wanted to go away after high school. I saw my older sister enjoying her time up in Orange County and wanted to do the same. I wanted adventure.  In retrospect, I’m glad that didn’t happen because if I had gone away for college, I wouldn’t have met Joel.

For Joel, he grew up in San Diego and only went off to Bethany for one semester of college. He came back and has been in San Diego ever since.

We want stories. We want adventure. So when it seemed that opportunities here weren’t really working out, and I was finishing school, we looked at each other and said “Let’s see what happens.”

We knew we wanted to move somewhere with family. We knew we wanted to stay on the west coast. I had a lot of excitement about Oregon where my Aunt, Uncle and cousins live.  Joel checked the job listings, and there it was “Assistant Manager” in Beaverton, OR. Beaverton is the exact town where my family lives.

He applied and within a week was offered the position. It felt so clear. This is where we are supposed to go.

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 1.06.00 PM

SO on May 20th, just days after graduation, we are driving up to Oregon. We’ll be living in Beaverton which is just west of Portland. We are so excited and are completely blessed with supportive and loving friends and family.  If you’re ever in the area, you’re welcome to stay at Hotel Del Smith. Don’t worry, though, I’ll keep you updated on our lives, DIY projects, recipes, etc.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt