Coupon Crazy!

I just started couponing…literally, this morning. While I’m not currently bringing in any income, I feel like part of my job right now is to save money on the things we purchase.  I’m very excited!

The coupon world is becoming more accesible for people who do not have time (or patience) to sift through papers and keep the little coupons organized. Two really great things I’ve found are through VONS (or Safeway for all my non-Southern California peeps) and Target.

VONS has a program called “Just for U.” If you have one of their club cards that you use at checkout, you can be a part of their program. Go to their website, register your card/phone number, and select your coupons.  The coupons will automatically be used at checkout when you type in your phone number. Um…EASY.

Mm, I love me some Target. It’s my go-to place. Target just came out with this thing called “Cartwheel.” Kind of the same concept as VONS but I will explain it anyway. Download the Cartwheel by Target app. Sign up via Facebook. Choose your coupons. At checkout, they will scan your barcode straight from your smart phone and BOOM. Savings. One of the things with Cartwheel is that when you sign up, you are given space for 10 coupons. The more Facebook friends that join, the more spaces for coupons you have! Cartwheel also keeps track of how much you’ve saved. So, even though 5% off seems insignificant on one item, you will be able to see how it all adds up.

I had to share these with you all because they are so accessible. I know I do not like using coupons because of the time it takes. I mean, those people who are ultimate couponers spend so much time at checkout while the cashier scans their coupons. I want to get through checkout with ease, without a sigh from the customer behind me. And I think these programs give me an easy couponing experience. Plus, who doesn’t like to save some dough?!