Month One

We’ve officially been in our apartment for one whole month which means one whole MONTH in Oregon! That seems crazy. It’s been one month since we’ve seen our family and our friends (except for Eric). It’s been one month since I’ve hugged my mom or gone shopping with my sister. Since we played with our nieces and nephews or squished their little cheeks with kisses. And while I try not to get too emotional about it – it’s sad. I miss them. And I count the days to see them again (34).

And as much as I’m sad, I can also begin to see purpose to being here. Joel and I are enjoying a lot more time together. We are focusing a lot more on our relationship, relying on each other’s friendship, depending on one another’s company. We have explored, adventured, and gotten lost. We are becoming more of a we.

My Aunt, Uncle and cousins have been overwhelmingly generous in our transition. They have been people we can rely on, trust, and hang out with regularly – even if it’s to watch the Bachelorette which is quickly becoming a Monday night ritual. I am thankful for them.

We desire to be more connected. As we try to settle into our new surroundings, we also want to meet friends and find somewhere to use our talents. It would feel lame if we left this place and no one knew we were here! As we jump into the next few months, pray for us to find that connection.